College…. and its aftermath

What truly happens after you finish?

College is a very long path for many students but the hardest path is what happens after. It is the true test of one’s dedication. This dedication all boils down to one thing, finding out what to do next. It all comes with time and patience when you are trying to figure out as a college grad where you stand in the job market. Many people don’t aspire to work for someone but having something stable after working so hard for your degree is a nice add on for college grads.

Many students do take a gap year after graduation but there are many who decide to work a job they were not planning on working such as McDonalds or Walmart. There is nothing wrong with this and the view on it is very hard on college students who decide to choose this route. The real problem is having the confidence within yourself to continue to work for what you are truly passionate for. This drive can be very tedious in today’s world as many kids and students have similar goals. There seems to be a prevalent thing going on in today’s society with the influx of social media accounts being made. It has harmed and helped the way we work, as pointing a camera at yourself and being an entertainer may help pay your rent in the future. How can one truly find success after college however?

The answer to that is not so simple as it has to do with many circumstances that people all across the world may face. Success is something that every young adult reaches for and to obtain such success the road will be long but for now, there is probably a YouTube video you can watch with some success guru, but the real way may not ever be known. If you need a guide to keep you going please visit this site as it is very informative to young adults struggling.

Just like what was previously said there are many videos on how to make money and be a famous star all over the internet and some of these videos are very knowledgeable. Some people may believe you must be willing to take this information and not just watch a video and then do nothing and there is a lot of truth behind that.

But there are others who believe the people making these videos are trying to just make money. There are also many other theories but the details on them will not be disclosed in this piece. The point is whoever is right there must be a first step to this process and that being the attempt to do research on what you are passionate about, how much can I make and where are the best jobs for my skill sets. It all comes with time but in due time a person may become successful, yes right after you walk across that big stage.



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