Was it the right choice to make that move?

By: James Battle

Is there a certain way to move up or down or should we stay where we are?

The process of moving is a simple term where a person, object, or space is in motion, it is in fact as simple as it may sound moving means something is in motion. In today’s society, people use the term moving to describe many things whether they are moving on in life to bigger and better things or moving out of their childhood home. The term is rarely used but when it is used a big life change usually follows. But why is that, why does the process of moving correlate so well with life change? Is there something we as a society deem important with these two concepts, unfortunately answers to those questions are too controversial to add to this piece but the reader may be able to come up with their own idea on why we as society strive to be in motion. There is such a thing as success and in order to have that success in whatever you are passionate about a person has a way in which they gain this success. But if you are interested in learning more about how you may move up in the place you work feel free to read more and dive in to another article on promotion.

For now lets look at each part of how movement may help or harm you. Just like what was previously stated one must stay moving or in motion, there is a counterpart to that statement where staying in one place may work better. It is too broad to leave this subject here as there is no true right answer to whether movement is the key to success or if being stagnant may result in success as well. It is simply a subject to ponder on. Let’s say for example you were in front of a punching bag and that bag continued to swing at you, in the process of moving you would be able to move out the way and eventually learn to move around the bag and hit back if needed. You are learning and gaining more knowledge by studying the bags movements and progressing forward. Let’s now take that same concept but you didn't move, you would endure the bags hits and grow stronger this would make you stronger in the outcome and the bags hits would hurt less and less. With this process any thing that may hit as hard as the bag will hurt less and you have the knowledge to move past that obstruction because you have seen something like it before.

As you can see both concepts work in their respective ways, it is however up to the reader to decide which path suits them. Really take the time to think and ask yourself

“am I better off staying in one place in my life and enduring whatever life throws my way or would I rather continue to move from one place to another in order to learn about what my life may have to offer”

This choice is one where either can be seen as the right one but it falls upon the person to decide at the end of the day.

Question to think about:

What will you do with your time as life comes full force at you?



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